Power Presses


TC 7 meets on a regular basis to discuss any matter affecting the inspection of power presses. In addition it produces from time to time specific SAFed Guidelines and Guidance to meet arising situations.

SS01:    Recruitment training and competency of engineer surveyors – Technical questions for competence examinations – Power Presses. Internal use only Issue 06 9/06/2015
TC7 02 Power press inspection and defect data. Produced annually – Internal Use Only
PPC 01 Power press thorough examination procedures – Implementation of safety related electrical control system requirements – Incorporated into PPC 03 Now in PPC 03
PPC 02 Two hand controls – SAFed policy – Incorporated into PPC 03 Now in PPC 03
PPC 03 Guidance for the Competent Person – A common approach to the thorough examination of power presses Click here to download Issue 05 01/04/16 Current
PPC 04 Guidance for Position of Press Brakes (Brown Book) Click here to download Issue 01 01/10/18 Current

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