Local Exhaust Ventilation


TC8 meets on a regular basis to discuss any matter affecting the inspection of local exhaust ventilation. In addition it produces from time to time specific SAFed Guidelines and Guidance to meet arising situations.


TC8 01 SS01:  – Recruitment, training and competency of engineer surveyors – Questions and Answers for competence examinations – Local Exhaust Ventilation (LEV) Issue 05 30/11/17 Internal use only

Guidelines for Members

LEVG 01 Guidelines for the thorough examination, testing and reporting of Local Exhaust Ventilation – Internal use only – Checked 23/08/18 Issue 02.1 09/06/15 Under Review

Guidance for Members

LEVC 01 Guidance – In-service inspection – Equipment and instruments Click here to download Issue 04 01/06/20 Current
LEVC 02 Guidance – In-service inspection – Documentation  Click here to download Issue 04.1 18/09/19 Current
LEVC 03 Guidance on in-service examination and testing procedures of of Local Exhaust Ventilation (LEV) Click here to download Issue 04 30/11/19 Under Review

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