Safety Assessment Federation Health and Safety Passport Scheme


The SAFed Health & Safety Passport Scheme was successfully launched on 25 March 2004. The scheme comprises 17 modules covering all the core activities of safety at work and a number of industry specific modules including the construction industry, quarries, manufacture, woodworking, metal work and primarily all the workplace industries where SAFed member companies examine equipment.

The purpose of the scheme was to provide a single comprehensive passport for engineer surveyors to operate safely across the industries in which they work.

The scheme involves studying the modules, passing individual module tests before progressing and culminating in a 100 question exam paper, which they must achieve 80% to pass. They then receive further tutoring in the elements they did not get right, together with an interview, before being issued with a SAFed Health & Safety Passport. The scheme is administered by the company, who have a formal responsibility for the competence and safety of their employees.

The scheme also follows HSE guidance1 and is further monitored by the Royal Society for the Prevention of Accidents (RoSPA). The latter assess both the company training process and the individual engineer surveyors. The passport is valid for three years after which an update assessment will be made to continue its validity.

The SAFed Health & Safety Passport scheme was created to provide a single comprehensive passport and was favourably benchmarked against other leading health and safety passport schemes, which are normally provided by way of a two day course. The holder of a SAFed Health & Safety Passport has been certified as competent to work safely across all industry sectors where they examine equipment.


Safety Assesment Federation and its Health and Safety Passport Scheme
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SAFed Health and Safety Passport Scheme Specification
-Issue 05 Dated 22nd September 2017 – See Policies page for download

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