How to apply for membership


To discus an application for membership please contact the SAFed team on +44 (0)20 7582 3208 or alternatively complete the form below. 

Following application a convenient date for an on site assessment will be made.  For full member applications by UKAS/INAB accredited companies, this will merely require a professional discussion and agreement to the SAFed terms and conditions and code of conduct.  Associate members should complete the assessment table as far as possible in preparation for the site visit and assessment.  The assessment of engineer surveyor competence will be to the SAFed Standard 01: Recruitment, Training and Competency of Engineer Surveyors.

On successfully completing the assessment the application will be passed to the SAFed Board for endorsement.  Membership will be granted on payment of the first quarter subscription.

SAFed Articles of Association are available to members on request.

Should any potential member wish to discuss the above further, please contact the SAFed team

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