COVID- 19 Guidance for SAFed Members

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The guidance notes on this page will be updated as information becomes available.

Last updated 21/10/2020

As the situation progresses, and the various administrations of the UK and ROI impose restrictions, it was thought pertinent to revise the SAFed Brief on the Essential Sector / Services definitions and the resulting declaration of Critical / Key Worker.

We continue to engage with HSE, HSA and Governmental departments, however, the earlier message during the pandemic was self-declaration as operating within an Essential Sector or providing an Essential Service, and subsequently, where applicable, being a Critical / Key Worker.

The updated information and advice provided by Government has been reviewed and the following paper prepared:

SAFed Members Only Brief – Essential Sector, Essential Services and Critical or Key Worker

Discussions took place between SAFed and the HSE team who prepared the risk based guidance for continued safe use on 15th July and 3rd September. It was agreed that the guidance should continue to be available for use as the withdrawal of the guidance would not be correct, given the backlog of thorough examinations and inspections still to address, and the potential volatility of the next 3 months with local lockdowns and a winter surge. Further, any lockdowns – locally or nationally – will need the support the guidance provides. Please see below for the HSE and SAFed Guidance documents.

Guidance Documents:

The specific guidance documents prepared by SAFed and the HSE are as follows:

  • Guidance on thorough examination and testing of equipment during the coronavirus outbreak: Your legal obligations:

This HSE guidance was prepared with SAFed input and is intended to ensure that work plant and equipment remain safe to use and provides a framework for decision-making if thorough examination and testing requirements cannot be met. This HSE note considers several health and safety regulations that require statutory examination and testing not only PSSR and LOLER, and is applicable to all plant and equipment not only those deemed essential / critical to the response during the Covid-19 pandemic.

  • SAFed Guidance for Duty Holders to Conduct a Risk Based Approach for Continued Safe Use of Equipment:

With HSE input and UKAS acceptance, SAFed have prepared a guidance note for duty holders which presents further structure for conducting a risk based approach.

SAFed Guidance for Duty Holders to Conduct a Risk Based Approach for Continued Use of Equipment – Issue 1 (05.06.2020)

  • Manufacturing: returning to work safely during the coronavirus pandemic

This HSE guidance is for employers and businesses in manufacturing sectors, to help understand and manage any additional risks caused by the coronavirus (COVID-19) pandemic and explain how to continue or restart operations safely.

  • Restarting workplace pressure systems safely during the coronavirus outbreak

This HSE guidance is for employers who use pressure systems in their workplace including those working in manufacturing, and in businesses such as cafés and dry cleaners. If pressure systems have not been used for an extended period of time due to the coronavirus (COVID-19) pandemic they may become unsafe.

The HSE are updating their ‘Coronavirus (COVID-19): latest information and guidance’ regularly, and it would be beneficially to check often for more information.

The SAFed website has been updated to remove all previous dialogue / superseded information, and include only guidance, links and information that is relevant to the situation moving into the phase to seek recovery and business as usual. Do frequently check to see if there has been an update.


Build UK has teamed up with UK Hospitality to identify accommodation providers with space for essential workers.

I have confirmation that SAFed members can access the site with no registration required via this link

I have also received the following notes and guidance on its use:

We are still receiving information on providers, and if your members have inspections they will need accommodation at for some time let me** know and Build UK can upload this for accommodation providers to reach out directly.

If they wish to book a room or find out about rates they should contact the accommodation provider directly via the details on the listings.

**If this occurs please contact me directly and I will forward the required information.

I hope this helps as I am aware some members have suffered from the issue of accommodation availability.

Further information:

The following notes remain for information and as needed, but will be updated / removed as soon as their applicability is no longer valid:

Many employers were providing their staff with a letter should they need to show it to anyone travelling to / from work, and it can be backed up with the information from the HSE / BEIS and HSA as contained in the following:

A Safety Assessment Federation (SAFed) Member Brief on the Continued Operation of the Thorough Examination Sector in Response to COVID-19 and their Designation as Essential Service Providers Prepared with Current Government Guidance and Information Provided from the Health & Safety Authority (HSA)

Continued Operation of the Thorough Examination Sector in Response to Covid-19 and Designation as Key Workers

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