Code of Conduct


This Code applies to both full and associate members, unless otherwise indicated, and hereafter unless stated otherwise, the term “member” is used to mean both these types of member.
The purpose of this Code is to:
1. inform potential and existing members about what would be, or is required of them, throughout their membership; and
2. inform business clients of SAFed members about the standards of service that they should expect from members.

Members are required to:
1. operate and maintain the highest levels of professionalism, integrity and competence in all their business activities;
2. adopt a recruiting policy that follows normal business protocol;
3. implement and maintain a programme for the development of both their corporate and individual employee professional competencies;
4. maintain and operate procedures aimed at ensuring the health and safety of their employees and others who may be affected by their work;
5. comply with SAFed Standards (Full members) or the principles of those standards (Associate members);
6. operate in accordance with SAFed Guidance and Guidelines unless there are demonstrable technical and/or other reasons for not doing so;
7. participate, when reasonably practicable, in SAFed activities, and whenever appropriate promote the interests of SAFed;
8. share with other members any relevant safety related information about their inspection activities;
9. inform SAFed if they are, or are likely to be, the subject of regulatory proceedings for any offence resulting from their operational activities;
10. obtain the permission and authority of SAFed before making a statement through any media on behalf of SAFed, or that may be regarded as being on behalf of, SAFed;
11. ensure that when expressing opinions, as distinct from stating facts, and particularly when it is known that the opinions are not necessarily shared by other members, to make it clear that the opinions expressed are their own;
12. respond to any requests from SAFed for comments or information resulting from a complaint;
13. attend or be represented at SAFed disciplinary hearings if required to do so.
Members must not:
1. undertake any illegal or unethical activity which could endanger the reputation of SAFed or its members;
2. participate in any anti-competitive activity, in particular, members must not take part in price fixing or market sharing agreements, whether overt or covert, nor falsify the process of tendering and open competition;
3. pre-empt by publishing on a Company basis, material that is in the process of being collectively developed within SAFed, and which is intended to form part of a SAFed initiative or be published as SAFed guidance.

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