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The Safety Assessment Federation (SAFed) is a trade association, which represents the interests of its members in the independent engineering inspection and certification industry in UK and Ireland. To be considered for SAFed membership, inspection/certification companies must:

  • Be registered as a UK or Irish company with companies house (UK) or the companies registration office (Ireland)
  • Have legally qualified Directors and up to date audited accounts as a viable business for a minimum of two years
  • Carry out the statutory inspection services of workplace plant and machinery, non-destructive testing or welding procedures to the relevant legislation or standards
  • Demonstrate independence as an inspection company and separate from maintenance, supply, hire or other associated services
  • Demonstrate competence as an inspection company organisation and having competent individual engineer surveyors.
  • Agree to the SAFed terms and conditions and Code of Conduct Click here to download

Membership is divided into 2 categories, full members and associate members. Full members must have accreditation by the national accreditation body (UKAS or INAB) to the international standard for inspection bodies (ISO/IEC 17020) or laboratory testing (ISO/IEC 17025) or as a notified body (ISO/IEC 17065) or be certified by a UKAS accredited certification body for electrical inspections. The accreditation must be to the scope of inspection services provided. Associate members must be able to demonstrate their independence and competence through an on site assessment carried out by SAFed. The assessment will follow the principles of the international standard, but is not accreditation.

If you believe you meet the eligibility criteria above for membership please request a membership application pack at

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