COVID- 19 Guidance for SAFed Members

The guidance notes on this page will be updated as information becomes available.

Do frequently check to see if there has been an update as clarification on a number of issues is being actively pursued.

The main concerns being pursued with regulatory bodies and government are:

  • Formal designation of our members as key workers.
  • Guidance on the sectors to prioritise for inspections, testing and thorough examinations.

Last updated 25th March 2020

Many employers are now giving their staff a letter should they need to show it to anyone travelling to / from work, and it can be backed up with the information from the HSE / BEIS as contained in the SAFed brief.

Continued Operation of the Thorough Examination Sector in Response to Covid-19 and Designation as Key Workers

SAFed Information for Members – HSE & HSA Position on Thorough Examinations considering Covid-19 Outbreak

Self Identification of Key Workers based on HSE and Government Guidelines

Operational Approach Proposed for the Inspection Industry in Response to Covid-19

Request to HSE to Respond and Clarify the Issues presented by COVID-19 to Safety Assessment Federation (SAFed) Members within the Engineering Inspection, Testing and Certification Industry – 24th March 2020

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