COVID- 19 Guidance for SAFed Members

The guidance notes on this page will be updated as information becomes available.

Do frequently check to see if there has been an update as clarification on a number of issues is being actively pursued.

Last updated 15/05/2020

Discussions have been ongoing with the HSE and UKAS over the past weeks since the initial publication of the HSE guidance. The HSE guidance is currently being updated and is due to be published on the HSE website in the next few days. The main differences that are expected in this updated guidance is that the risk based approach will be applicable to all plant and equipment, not just those deemed essential / critical to the response during the Covid-19 pandemic, and a wider range of Regulations can be considered.

In addition, with HSE input and UKAS acceptance, SAFed have prepared a guidance note for duty holders which presents further structure for conducting a risk based approach. This is in the final stages of HSE review and will be published as soon as this is completed, again, I would hope in the next few days.

The SAFed website has therefore been updated to remove all previous dialogue / superseded information, and include only guidance, links and information that is relevant to the situation moving into the phase to seek recovery and business as usual. It will be further updated once the HSE guidance is formally published, and once the HSE have accepted the SAFed guidance.

Current HSE links for information relating to the Risk Based Approach for continued safe use of plant and equipment (to be updated once updated guidance is published):

The following notes remain for information and as needed, but will be updated / removed as soon as their applicability is no longer valid:

Many employers are now giving their staff a letter should they need to show it to anyone travelling to / from work, and it can be backed up with the information from the HSE / BEIS and HSA as contained in the following:

A Safety Assessment Federation (SAFed) Member Brief on the Continued Operation of the Thorough Examination Sector in Response to COVID-19 and their Designation as Essential Service Providers Prepared with Current Government Guidance and Information Provided from the Health & Safety Authority (HSA)

Continued Operation of the Thorough Examination Sector in Response to Covid-19 and Designation as Key Workers

Caroline Hamilton CEng MIMechE

Chief Executive

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